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Church, belltower, log fence and local history museum

The log constructions form a historically valuable entity in a nationally valuable scenery. 

The log church dating back to 1781 is still in use. The plank covered log church is painted with the traditional red cooking paint. The belltower was built ten years earlier. The cematery is surrounded by the world’s longest plank covered log fence that measures 1371 meters.

Right next to the church is one of the country’s best local history museums with its traditional red and weathered grey log buildings. It opened 1960 in the granary built by the local joiners 101 years earlier. It hosts a collection of over 20 variable traditional log buildings from cow sheds to barns and homes of different eras. 

The museum is open in the summer 2017 Mon-Fri or Wed-Sun 10-16/-17 (check in Finnish: 
The church is used for special occasions all year round and in the summer it is open for public: 26.6-30.7. Mon-Fri 10-17.