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The beautiful Jussila house has been standing in the wilderness of Syötteenkylä village of Naamanka since 1907, today a part of the Syöte National Park. Together with the neigbouring Seppälä and Naamanka houses the Jussila house form an ensemble that represents the North Eastern Finnish wilderness building and living tradition. The great grandfather of the current owners, Juho Naamanka, built the house on the property owned by the family since 1733.   

The Jussila house has been renovated respecting the original. Since the 1950's, Jussila has offered a place for the visitors to spend a night in a traditionally built log house or celebrate a special occasion - or just enjoy the atmosphere of the idyllic old building and the peaceful beauty of the surrounding winderness, green in the summer, white in the winter. Naturally, you can also enjoy a sauna with a swim in the lake Pöllä.   

Jussila is open by request (, in Finnish) 


"We take great pride of the Jussila house. The family house connects us to our ancestors and gives us a sense of belonging."

Katariina Ala-Rämi, the great granddaughter of the builder and a co-owner of Jussila