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Kierikki Stone Age Centre

The Kierikki Stone Age Center's main building  (2001) is the largest building that is constructed of traditional squared log in Scandinavia. It hosts an exhibition, an auditorium and a restaurant. The main building resembles prehistoric forts and temples and it was built with ancient construction methods as much as possible. 

In the Stone Age about 6000 years ago, the delta of the river Iijoki was a fishery and seal-hunting centre. The ancient riverbanks, now 30 km from the sea, hold remnants of prehistoric dwellings. Kierikki, situated 60 kilometres from the centre of Pudasjärvi (in Oulu), welcomes you in the summer.  


The Stone Age dwellings are really interesting, and the main building is a beautiful example of the use of traditional non laminated timber.  

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