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    Over a hundred years old Kotikumpu

    in the centre of Pudasjärvi is a home for a family with children. 


Kotikumpu that translates as Homehill has stood in the center of Pudasjärvi for over a hundred years. It has some characteristics of a villa from the turn of the century. Kotikumpu is built from squared log and parts of the walls are cladded with board. The house is painted red with the traditional cooking paint. The window frames and other trimmings are white. The combination of red and white is traditionally the most typical Finnish house colour.

Kotikumpu served as the first municipal hall of Pudasjärvi 1919-1924. It was rented from the owner, teacher M. Isomursu. Today the house is the home of Jaakko Isomursu, a teacher also, and his family. 

The traditional cooking paint "punamulta" (red soil) consists of water, rye flour and the pigment. Iron sulfite, linen seed varnish and salt are often added, and the rye porridge is cooked for several hours. The other traditional favourite paint has been yellow soil, prepared similarily. The soil paints are still used for wooden houses.