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  • The Pudasjärvi Log Campus

    The Pudasjärvi Log Campus is a healthy,
    eco-friendly and modern learning environment,
    with the renowned Finnish educational system giving a good
    start in life for 800 pupils from preschool to upper secondary school levels.

The Log Campus

The Pudasjärvi Log Campus provides a healthy, eco-friendly and modern learning environment loved by the pupils and the staff alike. Although the building is the largest log-constructed school building in the world, it is comprehensible even for the smallest of pupils, as it is divided into smaller sections.

The multi-functional complex serves also as a place for events and extracurricular activities. Sturdy log and almost invisible glass make for airy spaces that are close to nature and well connected to the outside world.



- 1 h guided visit 179,80 (incl. VAT 24 %), school days 13-17 p.m., group size 1-60 persons 

- according to availability, to be reserved in advance  

- also other options (for instance durations) and packages    

See the contact information for reservations, toher options and tailored packages! 


“Log guarantees the purity of indoor air and creates a cosy atmosphere, and its acoustic properties are excellent.”

Mikko Lumme
headmaster of the Log Campus