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  • The Log Mansion

    The Log Mansion is the world’s biggest log-constructed
    assisted living home. It provides a restorative
    environment for 54 elderly people in need of extensive 24-
    hour care and assistance.

The Log Mansion

In Pudasjärvi, first the smallest children, then schoolchildren and, in the end of 2016, the elderly each got their designated largest log-constructed buildings in the world. With its modernly dark colour, Log Mansion, the assisted living home, is engaged in thrilling architectural dialogue with the neighbouring, light wood-shaded rental apartments, also made of modern log. 
In addition to 24-hour care, individual rooms and common living rooms, the Mansion residents have shared sauna and gym facilities and a pub. The beautiful location by the River Iijoki, the safe and sheltered, yet easily accessible gardens and the big windows further enhance the restorative experience of nature that the wood interior is able to provoke even by itself.


- reserved for professionals, 1 hour guided tour incl. walking tour: 1-6 persons 179,80 € 

- Mon- Fri 13-15, to be reserved in advance, according to availability 

- also other options (group sizes etc)

See contact info in these pages for reservations and tailored packages (also other log buildings). 



“The wooden structures have a soothing effect on the residents.”

Soili Kortetjärvi
A staff memeber