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  • The Pikku-Paavali day care

    The Pikku-Paavali day care centre is a healthy and cosy place for children
    to grow. The building proves that the modern log suits excellently for care
    environments, and its example has been widely followed.

The Pikku-Paavali day care

The Pikku-Paavali day care centre provides a healthy, safe and eco-friendly environment for its 100 children and staff. The red building blends in nicely in the surrounding town fabric and is light and spacious in the inside.
The labyrinthine inner structure with nooks and crannies for children to discover and play in is organized around a spacious assembly room. The solid log walls soften the high-pitch voices of children, contributing to the spatial experience of warmth, fresh air and functional beauty.



- 1 hour guided tour 124 € (incl. VAT 24 %), Mon-Fri 13-16 p.m. 

- to be reserved in advance, according to availability, group size 1-15   

- also other options (for instance duration, group size, specific contents)    

See the contact information for reservations and tailored packages, also for several log buildings!  


“The acoustic environment is much nicer (than in the previous premises)
and it can be seen in that kids can calm down better and focus on their play.”

Taimi Oinas-Pajuma
kindergarden teacher