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Pudasjärvi is the log capital of Finland and a leader in modern log
construction. There are only good reasons to build from log.


Story of the Log Capital

The trees are the everyday treasure

In the far North, almost in Lapland, lies the vast and sparsely populated town of Pudasjärvi, sheltered by endless pine forests. The town of 8000 people has the world’s biggest log buildings. The Pudasjärvi people clearly understand that the trees are the everyday treasure!

Wood had been proven healthy, pleasant and environmentally friendly material,

When the need of a new day care center emerged in 2010, the people had already seen a couple of local examples of big modern log buildings. Wood had been proven healthy, pleasant and environmentally friendly material, and the Pudasjärvi people already knew how to build from log. Hence, they had the courage to build the first public log building of its scale. As a result, the Pikku-Paavali kindergarden set ahead a little boom of log-constructed kindergardens in Finland. After that, it took only a little while before the town decided that the primary choice for the construction material of new public buildings would be log.

The world's biggest log constructions

The nature provided the material and the human developed the new techniques. The results are the world’s biggest school campus, the world’s biggest children’s day care centre and the world’s biggest assisted living home for the elderly. But that’s not all. There is also the world’s biggest log house manufacturer called Kontio - alias for bear - in Pudasjärvi, so the “world’s biggest” has even more content. Moreover, the world's biggest log constructions have long roots here: we have also the world’s longest covered log fence that dates back more than 100 years. It is situated next to the old log church and the local history museum where there is a remarkable collection of old log houses. Moreover, there are log villas and homes of all eras scattered through the area. There are even remains of Stone Age log dwellings in Kierikki down by the river Iijoki!