The Beginning of all Good

Karhukunnas originated from a study that proved log construction to be an environmentally friendly way of building. Research has shown that a traditional log home is the most ecologically sustainable and healthy option.

The Karhukunnas quartier is located in the town center next to the log campus right on the other side of the Oulu-Kuusamo road.

The quartier consists of two office houses and three semidetached houses. One of the first to start working in these premises was Metsähallitus state forest enterprise that opened its local office Teräväpää (The sharp end) in November 2011.

Tthe size of the two storey office building is 580 sqm. The workers have been pleased with their work place. The second two storey building of 800 sqm houses several offices. Semidetached houses are owned by families.

Completed 2012.  Floor area 1832 m2.

Builder: Pudasjärven Vuokratalot Oy