Our modern log buildings

The Pudasjärvi residents’ experiences of log construction have been so good from the beginning that it has been decided to stay in the log.

Log construction was decided upon when a sustainable solution to indoor air problems was needed. Now we have e.g. the world’s largest modern log kindergarten, school campus and nursing home, wellness center, rental homes and other log resorts.

Since the log block in Karhukunnas, the town and Pudasjärven Vuokratalot Oy have built a total of nine log properties.

The latest paragraph in the pine-scented saga of the Logcapital are Pudasjärven Vuokratalot Oy’s two four-storey log apartment buildings and the brave and magnificent Wellness Center Pirtti, which is the Logcapital’s largest investment ever. This complex, which includes a wide range of welfare, cultural and youth services, was completed in 2021.

Now indoor air problems are only a bad dream and users have healthy and modern facilities.

Wellness Center Pirtti

Our common living room
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Hirsihovi Rental Homes

Pioneer of hybrid construction
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Heart of events in Syöte area
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Pietarila Rental Homes

Cultural landscapes
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Caring around a clock
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Log Campus

Learning for the life
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Kauppatie Rental Homes

Peaceful living
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Pikku-Paavali kindergarten

The best growth environment
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The beginning of all good
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