Pikku-Paavali Kindergarten

Perinteitä kunnioittaen

The form of the kindergarten building is exemplified by the traditional summer barns in Pudasjärvi: the personal, open-roofed building blends into the surrounding landscape of the town center with its dark red coloring.

The Pikku-Paavali day care centre provides a healthy safe and ecofriendly environment for its 100 children and staff.

The red building blends in nicely in the surrounding town fabric and is light and spacious in the inside. The labyrinthine inner structure with nooks and crannies for children to discover and play. In is organized around a spacious assembly room the solid log walls soften the highpitch voices of children contributing to the spatial experience of warmth fresh air and functional beauty.

Completed in August 2013. Floor area 13 235 m2, volume 5470 m3.
Users: 100 children and staff.

Architectural design:  Architects m3
Structural design: Arkkitehti- ja insinööritoimisto Jussi Tervaoja Oy
Main contractor: Sonell Oy
Log supplier: Kontiotuote Oy
Windows and glass doors: Profin Oy