Kauppatie Rental Homes

Peaceful Living

Talojen vaaleat hirsipinnat ja vieressä sijaitsevan Hirsikartanon tummuus luovat mielenkiintoisen arkkitehtonisen vuoropuhelun.

The three detached log houses have 18 homely one and two room apartments for people with special needs. The homes are accessible and three of them are equipped for people using a wheelchair. They are situated in Kauppatie right next to the town center and its services. One of the apartments is used to provide services for the residents and they also have a common living room.

The light coloured houses form an interesting architectural opposition with Hirsikartano in the same street. The houses are owned by the rental house company Pudasjärven Vuokratalot Oy.

Builder: Pudasjärven Vuokratalot Oy
Main constractor: Rakennus Osuma Oy
Log supplier: Kontiotuote Oy