Wellness Center Pirtti

Our common living room

The Wellness Center Pirtti is the largest-ever well-being investment in Pudasjärvi. Pirtti encloses a diverse range of services that support the well-being of the people of Pudasjärvi.

The construction work at Wellness Center Pirtti began with the demolition of the Kurenala school in 2019 and continued until the autumn of 2021.

Pirtti includes a library, youth facilities, exploratory youth work, employment services, a civic college office, a cultural services office and an exhibition space at the Taidekamari, Kela’s scheduled customer service, health center emergency room and its other services, such as dental care and social services, family services and mental health services. In addition, the property has a multi-service point Kohtaamo, Kiireen Raja Pirtti Café Pudasjärvi and several project offices managed by the city.

The gross area of the building complex is approximately 9,300 m2 and it is mainly constructed of logs. The total value of the contract is EUR 43 million, of which the investment in the construction phase will account for EUR 25 million over the course of the 20-year service period.

The site has been designed by Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit Oy. YIT Oyj is responsible for construction and maintenance in accordance with the life cycle model. Pirtti’s logs have been delivered by our local operator Kontiotuote Oy. Experience with large log sites is therefore comprehensive.

Due to its central location, Pirtti acts as a gateway to Pudasjärvi, and efforts have also been made to invest in its cultural values. So, for example, above the library hall bookworms are watched by Martti Aiha‘s Keinu. Aiha is an artist and sculptor from Pudasjärvi.

Outside, in front of the main door, visitors are greeted by Kaarna, a creation of the Artists Group Neon. The technical work for the piece of art has been carried out by the local Koillispaja Oy.

On the outer wall on the Rimmintie side, passers-by can observe Tülay Schakir‘s light art work Pahka, which reveals its boldest form when autumn and winter evenings dim into the northern night.